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Unitron Moxi Series

Unitron Moxi Series Hearing Aids Canton, GA

Each year, Canal Receiver technology improves! The Unitron, the manufacturer of our Moxi series, continues to develop new and exciting ways to improve our hearing and communication in various listening environments. The state of the art Moxi Pro features “Speech Zone”, which actually tracks and enhances speech, even in the noisiest environments. By actually “pulling clear speech out of distracting background noise”, Moxi Pro hearing aids recognize when speech is coming from the front or from the sides and automatically adjusts so you’re always in the conversation. Your two hearing aids actually communicate with each other in order for this process to happen.

Of course, all Unitron Moxi products provide the most natural sound quality possible. The level of technology depends on your life style! Remote controls are available for Moxi Canal Receiver hearing aids, making volume and program adjustments much easier!

Plus, Unitron Moxi hearing aids are compatible to Blue Tooth Technology, allowing for connectivity with your cell phone, television, and other communication and sound devices. Your hearing aids actually act as “headphones” for your cell phone! Plus, Moxi hearing aids can communicate with a “Smart Alert System”, which keeps you aware of important signals throughout your home, such as the doorbell, telephone, alarm clock, and smoke detectors.

Unitron Moxi Series Hearing Aids Canton, GA

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We also carry other brands of Canal Receiver hearing aids, including Resound, Siemens, Starkey, Sonic, Phonak, Widex, and Oticon.