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Canal Receiver Technology

Hearing Aid Fitting Canton, GA

Our Most Popular and Preferred Hearing Aid Style

Since 2007, Canal Receiver Technology has been our most popular and successful style of hearing aids. This miniature behind the ear hearing aid consists of a receiver (speaker) attached to the end of a transmitter wire that is connected to the actual hearing aid. The wire transmits sound from the hearing aid to the tiny receiver, which is placed into the outer third of the ear canal, just past the first bend. This transmission process eliminates impedance of the auditory signal that occurs when sound is transferred through a small tube. Thus, the transmission preserves the acoustic signals, resulting in a more natural sound with less distortion, improving our ability to process speech signals, even in background noise.

The tip inserted into the ear canal is small, open and flexible, allowing the ear canal to remain un-occluded. This preserves natural ear canal resonance and eliminates the occlusion affect (feeling like you are plugged and hearing from down in a barrel). Plus, Canal Receiver instrument are the most comfortable instruments available – you hardly even feel them in your ear!

Hearing Aids Canton, GA

Canal Receiver hearing aids do not require earmold impressions, allowing the fitting of these instruments to take place during your first visit. However, custom fit earmolds, called “sleeve molds”, can be made to fit Canal Receiver hearing aids, making them extremely flexible in fitting severe hearing losses. Sleeve molds also allow for Canal Receiver hearing aids to be fit to young children, adolescents, toddlers, and infants. No longer do children with hearing loss need to be fit with large, behind the ear hearing aids with tubes!