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Baha Implantable System

A select group of patients in our office are unable to wear hearing aids in the ear canal, including the Open Fit BTE with slim tube and the Canal Receiver BTE Technology.
This group includes:

  • Patients with chronically draining ears, where the use of an hearing aid aggravates the infection, causes feedback, discomfort, and poor sound quality.
  • Patients with congenital malformations and embryopathies where the cochlear function is adequate, but where there are no ear canals (atresia or stenosis of the outer ear canal).
  • Patients with a conductive hearing loss due to chronic mastoidits or ossicular disease that cannot be surgically corrected.
  • Patients with total hearing loss in one ear and a conductive hearing loss in the other ear.
  • Patients with complete unilateral hearing loss due to acoustic neuroma, sudden deafness, or genetic unilateral hearing loss who are unable to successfully use CROS or BCROS amplification.

Now there is a hearing system available for this select category of patients. Introducing the BAHA DIVINO and BAHA INTENSO, a surgically implanted system that uses bone conduction, in which skull bone vibrations act as a pathway for sound to travel to the inner ear without involving the ear canal or the inner ear. This is accomplished by surgically implanting a small titanium implant on the bone behind the ear. The bone (mastoid process) actually ossifies around the implant, thus stabilizing the implant so a sound processor can be connected and disconnected by the user. This surgical procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is considered minor surgery from both the physician’s and patient’s point of view.

Prior to this surgery, a demonstration of the Baha system is performed using the Baha Testband, so that the patient can experience the results of this system prior to surgery. The testband with the hearing device is placed around the wearer’s head, with the sound processor against the bone behind the ear. This gives the patient the information and listening experience needed for his/her decision to proceed with the surgery. The Baha system, being considered a surgical procedure, is also covered by insurance and medicare.

What People Say About BAHA

“I can hear more sound with the Baha which has helped a lot with my piano playing. I can now hear soft sounds and lower frequency sounds much better and the quality is far superior to the bone conduction hearing aid I was wearing.” Daniel T.

“It is not an exaggeration to say that my use of Baha over the past few months has given me a glimpse of what my life could have been like.” Jennifer A.

“Listening used to take a lot of energy. With the Baha, group conversations are so much easier. I can hear where the sound is coming from and don’t look at the wrong person any more. I can also hear all the little things in life, that others often take for granted.” Vreni C.

“Music and singing are very important to me. I started when I was 6 years old and now jazz is my favorite!” Arnold B.

“After testing the Baha, I immediately decided to go for it. Once the Baha was fitted, I noticed an instant improvement in my hearing. I also noticed a real difference when shopping. Despite the music and lots of other sounds, I can hear everything effortlessly. I am so happy with a Baha – it has improved my quality of life.” Ansvan V.

“What a change – wow! The quality of sound produced by this device is clear and useful to me even in noisy environments. The Baha is so easy to use I often forget it is attached.” Doug M.