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Post Op Care for Head and Neck Excisions

  • If you are given an oral antibiotic you are to take for the full course till complete.
  • If you are given an oral narcotic pain medication you should take this every 4 hours for the first 24 hours. After 24 hours you may wean off the narcotic pain medication and take over the counter extra strength Tylenol and reserve the narcotic pain medication for your evening dose.
  • You should apply triple antibiotic to the site 2-3 times a day for a week.
  • You should change the steri-strips daily and keep the area dry.
  • After 1 week you will return to the office to have the sutures removed.
  • Do not attempt to remove the sutures yourself as you can reopen the incision.

If you notice any of the listed below, you should contact our office during normal business hours to schedule an office visit:

  • Oozing of blood and/or discolored drainage.
  • persistent inflammation (swelling and/or)
  • (If accompanied with a fever greater than 101.0 contact office!)

When to call the office

Our emergency after hours number is 770-345-6600 or 770-429-2553

  • You should contact our office if the patient has any Bright Red Bleeding!
  • You should contact our office if the patient develops a fever greater than 101.0!
  • Call our office if any redness or pus develops around the surgical incision