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Post Op Care for Adenoidectomy

  1. Ear pain is common for up to 10 days after surgery. continue to give the pain medication as prescribed or an over the counter Tylenol, use as directed by manufacturer.
    DO NOT USE over the counter MOTRIN, ASPIRIN, or ADVIL. This increases your bleeding risk.
    Give prescribed pain medication every 4 hours for the first 48 hours and wean into the Tylenol
  2. You will be given a post operative appointment to follow up. It is important you keep this appointment so that we can examine and assure proper healing.

Feel Free to contact our office from 9-5 Monday-Friday with any non-emergency questions and a nurse can assist you.

When to call the office

Our emergency after hours number is 770-345-6600 or 770-429-2553.

You should contact our office if the patient experiences ANY BRIGHT RED NOSE BLEED.

  • Bleeding may occur up to 2 weeks after surgery, and avoid strenuous activity, ie; bending, lifting, running, ect. have the patient gargle ice water to slow the bleeding

You should call our office if the patient develops a FEVER GREATER THAN 101.0 after surgery.

  • If you develop a low grade fever you may take children’s Tylenol, or adult as appropriate, use as directed from the manufacturer.
  • Dehydration can also cause an increase in body temperature. PUSH FLUIDS

You should contact our office if the patient has not had any fluids in 6 hours and has had significant decrease in fluid output.

  • It is very important to encourage fluids to prevent dehydration.