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North Georgia Allergy Season

North Georgia is renowned for its fall season with its colorful leaf changes and cooler temperatures.  With a dense tree and vegetation population, North Georgia is also considered to be one of the leading areas in regard to allergens like pollens and molds.  Most associate allergy season with the springtime tree blooms and summertime grass pollens, however, fall allergens can cause discomfort and irritation for many people.

Fall allergens are most typically characterized by weed and mold allergies.  Weed allergies include the common ragweed, sheep sorrel, and pigweed.  There are many types of molds in the air and they mostly originate from damp conditions under leaves and dirt and also grow on the north side of many trees here in North Georgia. 

It can be difficult for individuals to be able to discern if they are having a sinus infection or an acute allergy exacerbation because the symptoms can be similar.  Patients are often treated with antibiotics for sinus infection when they are actually having an allergic reaction.  Symptoms of an allergy flare-up include sinus pain and pressure, nasal drainage, sneezing, itchy watery eyes, and even asthma flair ups. 

At Ear, Nose, Throat, and Allergy Specialists, we can evaluate your symptoms and perform an in-office allergy test to discover what allergens are causing your symptoms.  Allergy testing is also beneficial and lets you know what times of the year you will experience the majority of your symptoms, helping guide your individual therapy.  Medication options for treatment include various nasal sprays and antihistamines.  ENT Specialists also provide custom-tailored immunotherapy for patients that de-sensitizes you to the specific things you are allergic to lead to an overall improvement in allergy symptoms.

On behalf of all of us here at ENT Specialists, we hope you have a wonderful fall season and stay healthy.  Should you need help with your allergies, we would be glad to get you an appointment for an evaluation.