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The physician and audiologist team: The Leaders in Hearing Improvement

I have found that teamwork with a motivated and well trained team is the best way to accomplish goals. There Is a saying that I learned in high school sports that still rings true today:

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in your ears) comes from many different causes. Not one solution can improve all causes of hearing loss. The physician and audiology team at Ear, Nose , Throat and Allergy Specialists can accurately diagnose the cause of your hearing loss, or tinnitus, and implement a solution. And improve your quality of life with better hearing.

As ear nose and throat physicians we are trained to improve hearing loss that requires reconstructive eare surgery. This includes perforated eardrum’s, chronic mastoiditis, and cholesteatoma’s which are tumors of the middle ear that cause hearing loss and otorrhea (ear drainage). Other inner ear tumors like glomus tumor‘s or acoustic neuroma’s have the presenting symptoms of hearing loss and ringing. The physicians at Ear, Nose , Throat , and Allergy Specialist’s perform a physical examination which includes a microscopic ear exam, and a hearing test to determine if any of these problems are present. Further imaging may be ordered if there is a suspicion of a tumor or chronic infection. If surgery is required to improve hearing our physicians are board certified Otolaryngologists and can perform microscopic ear surgery.

If it is determined that surgery is not needed, many times hearing aids will improve hearing loss and tinnitus from nerve loss. This type of hearing loss can be from heredity, aging, or medications. An appropriately selected and programmed hearing aid will improve understanding and reduce tinnitus in all listening situations. Especially where background noise reduces understanding . Our Audiologists are experts in selecting and programming the appropriate hearing aid for optimal hearing improvement with the needs and capabilities of each patient carefully considered.

Close follow up and adjustment is key to successful use of hearing aids.
After hearing aids have been worn for several months ear wax can form and block the ear canal. This impedes the performance  hearing aids. This can carefully be removed under the microscope by the physician at the same visit that programming for the hearing aid is being done by the audiologist. Again, teamwork, with the ultimate goal of improving hearing for our most valuable asset: Our patients.

Through the whole experience the physicians and audiologists work as a team. Schedule a hearing test with us today and bring a loved one with you for a true learning experience.

Ronald Van Tuyl, MD