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Chronic Sinusitis and Balloon Sinuplasty

Runny nose? Sinus pain and pressure? Sneezing? Is this a cold, allergies, or is something wrong with my sinuses? These are common symptoms and questions that many patients encounter and come to ENT Specialists looking for answers.

Chronic sinusitis is swelling and infection of the sinuses for at least 12 weeks. Often times, patients have tried several rounds of antibiotics without any relief. The openings to the inflamed sinuses get narrowed or blocked off resulting in the body unable to completely rid itself of the infection. This is why many patients experience an improvement of symptoms while they are taking an antibiotic but soon return to being sick soon after finishing the medicine.

Through the use of specialized endoscopes and utilizing specialized CT imaging, we can evaluate your sinuses and check for chronic sinusitis. If you indeed do have chronic sinusitis, you may need a procedure called Balloon Sinuplasty. This specialized procedure is performed by the ENT surgeon and uses a small wire that is guided into the opening of the closed sinus. A small balloon is inflated which helps to open up the sinus. The balloon is deflated then removed leaving a nicely opened sinus, which can now allow airflow and nasal sprays in, and the infection you have been fighting for so long out. By using special techniques, our surgeons keep you comfortable and pain free during your in office procedure.

It is important to realize that Balloon Sinuplasty does not cure allergies, however treating chronic sinusitis and controlling allergies is important. Often, patients struggle with allergies over a long period of time which can help lead to chronic sinusitis. Allergy testing with ENT Specialists is a great way to evaluate the severity of your allergies to help guide your treatment and keep sinusitis away. Balloon Sinuplasty and allergy testing are just some of the ways that ENT Specialists can help improve your wellness and keep you healthy!

Josh Snearly, NP-C